The Green Fairy

green fairy

Starring Mindy Robinson, Jeffery Dean, Leng Yein, and Trevor Snarr. Narrated by Richard Grieco. Director Dan Frank takes you on a journey in his new fantasy documentary about the history of absinthe from 1730 to 1915. Find out the truth, myths, and lies about this drink.

Speed Dragon - Coming Soon


A rock and roll drama. It is like Sid and Nancy meets Spun, but a lot more crazy. You will feel the rush. The story is about a rock star Dylan, who is the lead singer to a very successful rock and roll band, Speed Dragon. Dylan has a problem with drugs especially Meth or speed. The music executives know this and want to capitalize on his drug problem. A rock star’s music is worth more when they die young. So Jimmy, the music executive, keeps setting up Dylan with girls who will keep feeding Dylan drugs. Betty, the first girl Jimmy sets up Dylan with, develops feelings toward Dylan. She can’t take it anymore, and goes away. After Dylan collapses on stage during one of their concerts, Betty helps Dylan get his health back. Dylan is worthless too Jimmy if he becomes clean. Jimmy calls Dylan back, and Dylan goes. It’s Dylan’s job to rock. Dylan gets picks right back up where he left off before collapsed. His life will now spiral out of control until his life comes to an end… He will forever be dead and famous!

DJ Garth

garthpostersmallGarth has been an icon in San Francisco nightlife for twenty years, playing a key role in sustaining the flames of conscious hell raising that existed here in generations past. Parties with his stamp include a coveted ten year residency at Come Unity, thirteen legendary years with the Wicked Sound System, and since 2005, his genre-defyng Acid Disco Back2Back jams with Jeno. Bringing UK sound system culture to San Francisco's psychedelic climate, Wicked's lawless full moon beach parties ushered in an era of Acid House hysteria that ripped through the west coast and spread into the heartland.

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